Josh Wilson

Marriage & Family Therapist, PsyD, LMFT
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Josh Robert Wilson

Marriage & Family Therapist, PsyD, LMFT
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About Josh Robert Wilson

Dr. Joshua Wilson is a pediatric and adult psychotherapist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, ADHD, ASD, and other neurodevelopment disorders. He is the co-founder of East Bay Mindfulness Center and maintains a private practice in Orinda, CA. Josh is an evidence-based practitioner who is warm, approachable, compassionate, and results oriented. He is well versed in several theoretical modalities including CBT, ACT, and DBT.

Working in the SF, Bay Area, CA. for 10+ years providing assessment and evidence-based therapy/treatment for children, adolescents, adults, and families. My areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, adhd, aspergers, trauma, emotional regulation difficulties, grief, anger management, and life transitions. I am a solution focused therapist who is warm, approachable, compassionate, and results oriented. I am well versed in several therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

My education has included two masters degrees and a doctoral degree in psychology. My work experience has included private practice, schools, therapeutic summer camps, community agencies, and hospitals.




Josh Robert Wilson Groups

  • Adult Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Group

    This is a group for adults where you will receive support and guidance with your personal and professional goals. There are a maximum of 8 participants per group. This group provides both psycho-education and experiential exercises with focus on the following areas: 1) Core Mindfulness Skills 2)Balancing Work and Stress 3)Life Transitions 4)The Power of Full Engagement 5)The Courage to Live an Authentic Life 6)Increased Self-Esteem 7)Self Exploration 8)Relationship Satisfaction

  • Positive Peer Teen Group

    This group is for high school age teens. There are a maximum number of 8 participants per group. An initial screening to determine whether or not he/she is a good fit for the group is required for all interested participants. This positive peer group consists of both psycho-education and group process. This is an experiential group where you will learn: 1)Healthy Communication Skills 2)Self Exploration 3)Drug/Alcohol Education 4)Conflict Resolution 5)Coping Skills 6)Mindfulness Training / Exercises 7)Strategies to Reduce Reactivity 8)Increased Self-Esteem

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